Sunday, March 28, 2010

Motoring through Motown snapping photographs.

As mentioned my big brother G and I went on a mini road trip to Michigan this weekend. We came to visit our lil Sweet Pea sister and her host family. (She's on a year long high-school exchange). May I just say Sweet Pea sis has one of the most loveliest host families on earth? In fact, her host dad Greg took us on a little tour of Detroit.

Here a few photos from our 3-hour journey through "Motown." Turns out the "post-apocalyptic" American city still has some hidden gems and glitters of new inspiration...

Guardian Building Atrium

At the Detriot Conservatory

Heidelberg Street

Clean + Sober Orange Head

The Fire Hydrant and His Friend

From Bloomfield Township, driving south on Woodward Avenue (the first mile of paved road in the world!) catching a glimpse of a Frank Lloyd Wright original, popping our heads in to the magnificent interiors of Fisher Theatre and the Guardian Building, walking through The Conservatory on Belle Isle, to walking around the whimsical open-air art world of found objects (including abandoned homes) known as The Hidelberg Project by artist Tyree Guyton... It was an absolutely delightful afternoon! Thanks again Greg :)

More photos to be posted soon. Tomorrow all about my first Seder!



  1. Beautiful pics Tee! Hope you guys had a great time. I haven't been to Detroit since I was a kid.

  2. Thanks, Hun :) We did have a great time... I had no idea Detroit had these hidden gems!