Wednesday, March 3, 2010

hello !

First and foremost, a special welcome to my dearest eco-lovelies of my former ecojotter thoughts blog! And of course HELLO and welcome new readers :) Thank you for checking out my new blog... Much like my ecojotting ways, yet hopefully so much more, I shall share my personal thoughts and delightful stumble-upons here at a cuppa tee.

Some will continue to be green, like this too-cool-not-post eco-concept "light tree" by industrial designer Omar Huerta that "mixes hydroponic techniques with the best and the latest in solar technology to provide a unique lighting system that also grows plants and is powered entirely by renewable energy." As shown below and found on ecofriend:

And others will just be random splendid finds or recommendations such as the following video my sweet pea sister sent me:

I heart stop-motion! That's it for now folks...


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