Thursday, March 4, 2010

A fleeting moment between two strangers...

Conversation, originally uploaded by Austin Tolin.

What does a fleeting moment between two strangers look like?

Watch the following absolutely gorgeous black and white film by Arev Manoukian to find out. Recommended by my Uncle M, this spectacular short film won top honours at the LG Film Festival.

Nuit Blanche from Spy Films on Vimeo.

Certainly makes me think twice of simply smiling and looking away when catching a cute boy's eyes in the streetcar ;)

Random green is sexy tip: the energy-less date.
(For when cute boy giving me googlie eyes asks me for my number, of course!)
Show how sexy you are when you put less energy into your date – and get more out, if uknowhaddaimean.

1) Cook a meal without cooking: forget that ol’ stove and oven and, heck, even your unplugged microwave. Go light, go raw, go fresh salad! Get your bean taco on! Show sandwiches who is stylin’.

2) Candlelight dinner: It’s romantic, it’s sincere, it’s…been a long time since you had one last, hey?

3) Play a game: Yes, RockBand is super fun to play on a date – but what about that power and creativity that lies in charades? Or Apples-to-Apples? Or even just some good ol’ fashioned competitive WAR? You’ll be skipping those extra watts to power your projector and getting back to the basics: getting to know someone.

Happy Thursday! And thanks for stopping by :)



  1. An interesting moment - fantastical and unrealistic, yes, but so is thinking of weddings and babies with a celebrity. Indulge and follow the music. I would have liked him to have taken a step at the end, though.

  2. I would have liked to have seen him take a step too :)