Friday, March 12, 2010

Inside Out Bubbly

Just a quick post, since there is no other bubbly drink I love more, nor makes the best aperitif, than champagne! Mmm Veuve! How about drinking it inside out?

Introducing quite literally the InsideOut Champagne Flute...

Simply put, it's an inverted champagne flute. Bonus is, not only do they look classy but since your hands aren't in close contact to the champagne like a regular flute, the precious bubbly stakes cooler longer! What's more, they're on sale right now: $30 for a set of 4, compared to a regular priced $60.

Turns out Charles & Marie carry InsideOut almost everything: shot glasses, liquor glasses and mmm martini glasses! While the other glasses look sharp, I must admit I still prefer the champagne flutes, but that's just me ;)

Cheers or as the French say Tchin-tchin ! Oh and Bon Weekend!


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