Monday, March 22, 2010

A Cuppa Green Tee: Barcelona Street Lamps.

As I'm so accustomed to writing about all things eco from my ecojotting days, I can't help but be delighted to begin with this week's cuppa green tee from beautiful Barcelona...

Churros originally posted by swastruck.

Other photos by me.

I'll never forget the first time I visited the second largest city in Spain along the Mediterranean coast... Probably because it's the only time I've ever visited. For now that is ;) The warm welcoming air (even in mid-October); the decadent Churros y Chocolate (yum, perfect with a cuppa tee); then of course there's the design: the fashion, the streets (graffiti and all), the architecture: new and old, and even the fresh markets screamed vibrant colourful art!

So what goes better with design, other than innovation? Reminiscent of my ecojotter post "sensored, times and on call... lights!" this brilliant idea makes one think of all the electricity that's wasted by city lights that stay on when no one needs them.

"The solution: one Barcelona neighborhood is using a system of LED lights, controlled wirelessly, to provide light exactly when, and where, it's needed. It keeps the streets safe while saving the city money." For full story, take a "GOOD LOOK" of the video below:

Plus unlike the Dial4Light idea from Germany, it doesn't require you to use up precious cellphone airtime minutes. However, both are definitely worthy of a green tee mention! Hopefully more cities are inspired to be eco-innovative leaders...


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