Thursday, March 25, 2010

A delectably brilliant Earth Hour idea.

Earth Hour is but a day away! What to do?

Well while I will actually be out of town visiting family and friends, (rest assured we will be sitting in the dark enjoying each other's company on Saturday, March 27th at 8:30pm doing something)... What I'd like be doing is as It All Starts With Butter suggests: Earth Hour Fondue Dinner by Candlelight.

According to the fabulous foodie advice of It All Starts With Butter, fondue is broken into 3 courses: cheese, traditional and chocolate.

For cheese, I love his suggestion of rubbing the pot with a clove of garlic before melting the cheese for a little added flavour. I told you it was delectably brilliant! Not to mention easy and affordable, according to It All Starts With Butter, if I'd prefer not to grate the cheese myself, I can pick up packaged fondue cheese for about $8 for a pack that serves 4!

For full details on how to do it right click here. The best part of this Earth Hour suggestion? It can be done at any hour!

Bon app, mes amis !


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