Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Cuppa Tee V.

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I am a bit of self-proclaimed tv junkie, and I don't even own a television! That's right, I watch tv online on my schedule! Which of course is usually the day it's posted =/ Current fave since Glee took a hiatus: The Good Wife -akin to Law & Order but much much juicier ;)

Come to think of it none of the shows mentioned above were featured in the video below. Yet it doesn't change the fact that while impressed, I was more relieved not to recognize all 22 television theme songs! Yay, maybe I'm not a tv junkie after all...

It's sunny out. Time for me to grab a book and sit in the park!


PS - I've noticed blogger has been cropping the YouTube videos I've been embedding... My apologies. Simply double click on any of the videos and it will open directly to the original video post.

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