Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cookie Monster's SNL Audition Tape

Too cute not to share...

As usual, it's been a while, hope you're all well!


Monday, September 27, 2010

A Snack in the Face.

I know it's been unbelievably long time since I've blogged. While I am going to apologize (Sorry!), I'm no longer going to promise to post frequently because then all I'll ever be doing when I post is apologize. Clearly I deserve a...

That's right a sNack in the face, not smack 0;) Introducing artisan created bakery products infused with pharmaceutical-grade caffeine / brownies / cookies / candies / and more. I haven't tried them myself, but when I learned about these caffeine infused treats, not to mention their awesome name... Well I had to share!

Across from my new office (which clearly keeps me busy busy busy!) is a coffee shop called Dark Horse, and on days I want to indulge I treat myself with a chocolate-caramel topped with sea salt brownie... Chocolate naturally has caffeine, I'm just thinking these babies "made just the way your grandma used to do it, only injected with 200 milligrams of pharmaceutical-grade caffeine" could come in quite handy for those rare all nighters, such as the upcoming annual Toronto Nuit Blanche because let's face it, I'm not a young whippersnapper any longer. Supposedly, if you you ask nicely, maybe they’ll slip you 225!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

tee is for t-shirt Thursday.

This advert lead me to this amazing stop-motion video I just had to share...

That's all.

Happy (unofficial t-shirt) Thursday!


PS - Colleen: If you're reading this... Guess what? You won, my where in the world did tee go giveway! Please acknowledge your win and email (acuppatee at gmail dot com) so I can mail you you're pasalubong prize ;)

Monday, May 24, 2010

GIVEAWAY: "A few more pics, the winner revealed below, and in lieu of Clue#11, a bonus chance to win..."

I know, I know this post is beyond overdue. Please forgive me. In my defense it's not for a lack of trying. In fact, part of me thought during my lil getaway how lucky I felt to post daily, for I knew come the start of my new gig it would be more difficult to find the time.

Alas I was right! Just one week into my job, and I've already put in a bit of overtime. Then again, I'm also enjoying the pleasure of two four-day weeks in a row courtesy of Victoria Day, so I mustn't complain!

So I was going to post one final clue but in an effort not to be disowned by any of my dear friends.... Just a few more pics, the winner revealed below, and in lieu of Clue#11, a bonus chance to win a photo-souvenir by yours truly... a print from my trip!

So without further ado...

A famous fence:

Me and an anchor:

Me and another anchor:

No more anchors... Just me and a whale:

When you see a sign like this, you have no choice but to step inside....

And just across the draw bridge and down the street, these lil pups were just barking to be photographed:

A shot with my Friday-Saturday Wanderlust Partner-in-Crime:

A fellow-gypsy! This lovely lady was on her second last day of work before heading south to help out with the oil-spill:

And yes, we each had a slice of heaven! Mmmm... yum... It certainly lived up to its name! And although we didn't get to sample them, these bright red lobster pops were tempting...

Instead my Friday-Saturday Wanderlust Partner-in-Crime picked up some jelly-bellies, besides:

On our drive back a minor thunder and lightening storm made for some interesting experimental photography:

An angel hair pasta dinner with red wine and freshly home-baked bread coupled with a Nancy Meyer's film later, and we were done.

Yet, my lil getaway did not end there...

A toast of my awesome host's home-grown kombucha:

And a bit more of his oh-so-tasty home-baked bread:

And we were off to the beach:

It was a short stop, but a mere chance to wet my toes:

And I was euphoric:

The only thing that made me sad was that I would soon have to go home... But I didn't mind since it was in style and directly in to downtown Toronto!

Still haven't guessed where I was? Well, Colleen guessed it! And she thought she hadn't! Congrats Colleen... I'm sending you, drum roll please...

"A [vintage] Flair Tea Strainer / Drip Caddy"

I couldn't think of a more apropos souvenir from New England than an antique of some kind While it may not be worth much monetary-wise... It is from an authentic gorgeous Connecticut home filled with antiques of someone close to my heart! In fact, the 18-9 Stainless Steel Hong Kong Made (functional) tea strainer was actually given to me as part of a pair! So not only will you and I have matching tea strainers, but it's got a story behind it. A many thanks to her son and daughter-in-law for the strainers et al ;)

So now that y'all know what state I was in. Can you guess which towns I visited? If not their counties? First person to name one of the two towns I spent the majority of my time in the week I was away, shall receive one of my photos. Hopefully it's a worthwhile prize 0;)

Thanks for playing... It's been fun! Already looking forward to the chance to do it again.... The rolling mystery giveaway, oh yes, and the getting away bit too ;)


PS - Although I've started a new gig, please do continue to stop by to visit. I shall continue blogging as often as my new schedule permits, ie. at least a couple times a week if not more ;)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

OM BONUS GIVEAWAY CLUE: Where in the world was tee? Clue #10: The Compliment.

So this past week, there were so many amazing OM: One Moments... Truth be told, at first I wanted to just blog off the whole week as my single OM. Then this happened...

A couple days into my self-designed relaxation rejuvenating retreat, complete with rediscovering my love for photography, I received such an awesome unexpected compliment!

See, I attended a daily class every morning Tuesday to Friday last week. If you haven't yet guessed what type of classes, you may want to check out the last couple clues, as I'm hoping it's become obvious. After each class I'd roam in and out of the barn, the grounds and neighbouring spa to take pictures of anything and everything that took my eyes' fancy.

Turns out one of my instructors was quite impressed and emailed me with the subject line "Bring camera?" This is what it said...
Hey there, thinking of you.

Wondering if you might be interested in taking a few pictures in the spa tomorrow? If so, after class, come over to the spa and speak with Jodi. We just need a few architectural shots of the rooms, to send to our owner.

We can comp your class tomorrow too.

Would just need to email pics to Sarah tomorrow sometime.

Thanks for considering.

I hadn't even realized she'd seen any of my photos, until I remembered mentioning my lil where in the world am I game with my dear friends. Turns out Kristen had checked my blog out, and was impressed!

And here I thought I was just being annoying amateur paparazzi with my camera. In fact, frankly, I hadn't really picked up my darling D80 in quite sometime... I'd taken a LOT of photos during my much longer sojourn in France as an au pair.

Turns out all I needed was a little break, and once the inspiration came trickling it soon became a full on rapid and plentiful stream... Who knew? I'm certainly not a pro, I leave that to my amazingly talented photographer friends. You know who you are ;) However, I most certainly was flattered to be asked for copies of my pics... So here is what I ended up emailing Sarah...

A couple you've seen already...

Plus shots inside "the barn." The second a happy-accident silhouette shot of the lovely Kristen, my instructor for my first two classes...

Honestly, sadly, I didn't get a chance to capture the entire spa, my favourite room to be exact which was the room that made me feel like a Beautiful Warrior 75 minutes later. Then again, I think no picture's required to remember how amazing that spa treatment was! Thank you again Eileen :)

I know, I know what you're thinking how do these shots possibly help me? I could have been at any one of a zillion spa getaways last week... But trust me only one was as charyming as this one ;) In fact, a special thank you to everyone, Kristin, Maureen, Vicki, Jodi, Amber, Sarah and co. for all being so delightful!

Absolute final clue tomorrow... Bonne chance mes amis!


PS - Once more (Om!) a special thanks to À la mode Stuff for creating the One Moment online meet-up. Want to learn more? Click below for more info!

om [one moment] meet up

Monday, May 17, 2010

GIVEAWAY: Where in the world was tee? Clue #9

So some of you know, but perhaps many of you don't know that many things inspired this lil' petit sojourn or relaxation and re-energizing....

One of the major ones being, a lil' bit of exciting news concerning lil miss tee and an exciting new opportunity managing marketing 'n communications involving a lil' architectural studio with BIG talent. That's right folks, today I start a new job!

So before I *big smile* walk to my new office.... As promised Clue#9 of my silly little guess where I was giveaway...

Not exactly the most perfectly sculpted downward dog, but after all I'm still a beginner, even after last week...

And no dear Ontarian friends, where I would sit and relax to soak up the sun is not referred to as a "Muskoka Chair..."

Yikes (30 minutes to 9) I gotta run, I mean walk ;)

However, how about one last shot from what quickly became my favourite antique shop in the quaint lil town I spent most of my time in...

Happy Monday!

It's good to be home...


Saturday, May 15, 2010

GIVEAWAY Update: Final Clues #9 and #10 to come soon.

In the meantime, as I soak up the last little bit of sun and beautiful blue skies, and prepare to end my short sojourn :,( Keep those guesses coming! Via email, tweet, facebook, text or courier pigeon... You name it! Remember guess as often as you wish, the last guess you make is simply considered your final answer!

I have the special pasalubong prize in my luggage already :D

Bonne chance mes amis !


PS - Watch out for random tweet slip-up clues, I've had one already today!