Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Cuppa Green Tee on Greenest Day of the Year.

Since it quite literally is the greenest day of the year (Happy St. Patrick's Day!) it only seemed appropriate to post this week's cuppa green tee today... A bright bamboo idea...

Via Inhabitat. "Expansive, dazzling and bustling during the day, the Colombian seaside quickly becomes a desolate and dangerous destination at night. The inability to channel electricity to the shore has created serious problems keeping beaches well-lit and safe past sun down."

Enter: Ingendesign's Flow light, a bamboo-made, self-sustaining public lighting solution which operates on the principle of vertical wind turbines. Thanks to its sexy spiral form, the lamp can capture wind from any direction.

"Each of the blades’ tips have been incised angularly in order to project light downwards to passerbys and so that the motion can be seen at a distance. With light sources positioned at the ends of each of the wind blades, depending on the force of the wind, the play of light is abundant, ranging from continuous lighting to more deliberate waving movements."

Simple in it's design and construction, the Flow light is made from eco-cheap (locally accessible) bamboo and recyclable electronics: LEDs, wires and dynamo.

Nifty, right?

Once again, Happy Greenest Day of the Year!

One Lucky Day, originally uploaded by {Ziggy}.


  1. I am inspired to build such a self-sustaining lighting solution myself!

  2. Yay! Happy to hear it, David. Maybe for the cottage? :)

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