Thursday, March 18, 2010

love love LOVE food.

As originally posted by staree.

In case you haven't noticed I am particularly fond of food. I adore seeing food in vibrant photographs, reading reviews, watching films featuring it, envying it, cooking it, I could go on and on... But most of all, I of course desire nothing more than to taste flavourful food!

Therefore this little cuppa foodie tee is thrilled she has so many friends who love love LOVE food as much as she does. In fact, turns out another one of her friends has just started a new blog titled Lean&Luxe.

Lean&Luxe is a journey as a foodie to lose weight without sacrificing flavor. Daily posts will be Good-for-You-Gourmet menus with recipes as well as keep you up-to-date on nutritional information and tips & tricks.

YAY, delicious and guilt-free cuisine, such as the "Grill Glazed Pork, Baked Sweet Potato and Asparagus" pictured above.

Was so happy to see It All Starts With Butter among Lean&Luxe's blogroll, since I personally can't go without butter! Not after my year in France 0;)

Crave by Whisk Kid.

Now to go dream of food... Bon App !



  1. over from Candied Fabrics. These pics are yummy! I am a foodie too. I don't usually post about food, but every so often, there is a dish that is calling out to be photographed.
    As a gluten-free one, I am sort of envious of your wonderful bread pics!
    Happy friday. Abbie

  2. @Abbie, thanks for visiting! Hope you'll come back again :) I love delicious photographs of food. Can't take credit for taking them unfortunately, just finding them ;) Happy Friday to you too!