Friday, March 26, 2010

Eye spy with my little eye... Das Rollende Hotel.

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Tomorrow I'm going on a mini road trip with my big brother G to Michigan. I heart road trips big and small. We're renting a car. By the way, if you ever want to drive across to the US (and likely vice versa) and need a rental, I highly recommend Budget Rent A Car. Not only was Budget the most affordable, compared to Dollar and Thrifty their unlimited mileage feature was actually unlimited. The other rentals were only unlimited within your province (boo!) But as usual I digress...

It just so happens I came across this nifty new way to travel called Rotel. As DVICE puts it, "What else would you call a rolling hotel?" Germany-based Rotel Tours lets tourist travel to fabulous locations by combining tour bus and hotel into one rolling vacation.

The bright red custom-modified Mercedes hotel-on-wheels has 24 seats and 26 capsule-sized sleeping areas for trip participants (the two extra beds are for driver and tour guide of course!) Also equipped with a small kitchen and toilet, however Rotels lack a shower. Ewww, that could get a bit stinky! Thankfully the tour company says they try to stay at campgrounds with shower facilities as often as possible.

Interestingly, while I call this form of travel new, Rotel has been doing this for years. They have 3,400 beds rolling all over the world from the Serengeti to the heights of Patagonia!

Perhaps if I learn German or they add an English or French function to their website, I'll try 'em out sometime. I like think they'd be more affordable than a cruise and way more comfortable than Greyhound!

Bon weekend!


PS - Re: "hiring a car..." Oops, also forgot Alamo Rent A Car also an excellent choice for cross-border unlimited affordable rentals.


  1. Wow that is amazing!! Thanks for sharing this -- I would love love love to try this.

  2. my pleasure, michelle. thanks for checking my blog out... so happy i know about yours now :) ps - you owe me reno shots!