Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Where in the world is tee [going]?

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Perhaps instead of a Magic 8 ball I need one of those old school globes that spin...

What am I trying to decide you ask? Well in case you haven't caught any of my random, somewhat cryptic Facebook statuses or tweets... I am trying to decide where to go next week within a $1000 budget on a last minute getaway. Nope, rest assured I am not running from the law ;) I guess you could simply say a golden opportunity to take a little vacay has presented itself, and I wish to cease it!

So my first instinct, is to meet up with Michigan-to-Argentina Motorcycling Brother in El Salvador. Cost of airfare $746. Leaving me about $30 a day to live on.

Second, somewhat preferred option because the major purpose of the trip is to relax, is Cuba, Mexico or the like. Ideally with close girlfriend, good book, camera and tons of gossip over drinks.

Problem with preferred plan b is close girlfriends have to work or study. Why oh why is it always no money, lots of time, or the reverse some money, no time?

My last rant is... What's with the single discrimination? All the deals out there are double occupancy required. Where does that leave us hot single ladies who heart traveling?

Truth is. I shouldn't complain. I've done a lot of traveling, especially in the past two years from Europe to India (with people and solo). In fact I have a many couches to surf from San Fran, Vancouver, the Rockies, Chicago, NYC, Paris, Amsterdam to PEI. So I'm officially ceasing the whining and promise you this... I will pick a destination soon, and leave you to guess with the pics I post where oh where tee has ended up! Perhaps not quite Carmen Sandiego-style...

*Sigh* if only my budget were unlimited!

If you could go anywhere at a moment's notice, where would it be?



  1. I absolutely loved going to Nassau. The Atlantis Hotel is ridiculously fun...probably the craziest outdoor water park I've ever been at....and a tube ride that takes over an hour to finish(no joke, a whole hour). Costs a lot for me to get there from Prince George...but for easterners it's a pretty great deal I hear.

    I also noticed Westjet is flying to Bermuda now. Bermuda sounds like a good time.

    Hope you are doing well Thérèse!

  2. Wow, thanks Andrew! Would you believe Nassau is among the places I have a couch I'm welcome to surf on anytime. In fact, there was this one time... (nope not in band camp) where I got to fly to Nassau within a less than 36 hours notice to kidsit my too super cute cool little cousins to help out with a minor family urgency? Just call me a modern day Mary Poppins!

    Although I must admit, I'm a tad jealous I didn't get to try out the crazy outdoor water park. An hour long tube ride sounds AMAZING! Bermuda I must save for another day...

    Will post a random pic clue of where I've decided tomorrow... And continue Sunday the 9th onwards...

    Hope you're well too :)