Monday, May 24, 2010

GIVEAWAY: "A few more pics, the winner revealed below, and in lieu of Clue#11, a bonus chance to win..."

I know, I know this post is beyond overdue. Please forgive me. In my defense it's not for a lack of trying. In fact, part of me thought during my lil getaway how lucky I felt to post daily, for I knew come the start of my new gig it would be more difficult to find the time.

Alas I was right! Just one week into my job, and I've already put in a bit of overtime. Then again, I'm also enjoying the pleasure of two four-day weeks in a row courtesy of Victoria Day, so I mustn't complain!

So I was going to post one final clue but in an effort not to be disowned by any of my dear friends.... Just a few more pics, the winner revealed below, and in lieu of Clue#11, a bonus chance to win a photo-souvenir by yours truly... a print from my trip!

So without further ado...

A famous fence:

Me and an anchor:

Me and another anchor:

No more anchors... Just me and a whale:

When you see a sign like this, you have no choice but to step inside....

And just across the draw bridge and down the street, these lil pups were just barking to be photographed:

A shot with my Friday-Saturday Wanderlust Partner-in-Crime:

A fellow-gypsy! This lovely lady was on her second last day of work before heading south to help out with the oil-spill:

And yes, we each had a slice of heaven! Mmmm... yum... It certainly lived up to its name! And although we didn't get to sample them, these bright red lobster pops were tempting...

Instead my Friday-Saturday Wanderlust Partner-in-Crime picked up some jelly-bellies, besides:

On our drive back a minor thunder and lightening storm made for some interesting experimental photography:

An angel hair pasta dinner with red wine and freshly home-baked bread coupled with a Nancy Meyer's film later, and we were done.

Yet, my lil getaway did not end there...

A toast of my awesome host's home-grown kombucha:

And a bit more of his oh-so-tasty home-baked bread:

And we were off to the beach:

It was a short stop, but a mere chance to wet my toes:

And I was euphoric:

The only thing that made me sad was that I would soon have to go home... But I didn't mind since it was in style and directly in to downtown Toronto!

Still haven't guessed where I was? Well, Colleen guessed it! And she thought she hadn't! Congrats Colleen... I'm sending you, drum roll please...

"A [vintage] Flair Tea Strainer / Drip Caddy"

I couldn't think of a more apropos souvenir from New England than an antique of some kind While it may not be worth much monetary-wise... It is from an authentic gorgeous Connecticut home filled with antiques of someone close to my heart! In fact, the 18-9 Stainless Steel Hong Kong Made (functional) tea strainer was actually given to me as part of a pair! So not only will you and I have matching tea strainers, but it's got a story behind it. A many thanks to her son and daughter-in-law for the strainers et al ;)

So now that y'all know what state I was in. Can you guess which towns I visited? If not their counties? First person to name one of the two towns I spent the majority of my time in the week I was away, shall receive one of my photos. Hopefully it's a worthwhile prize 0;)

Thanks for playing... It's been fun! Already looking forward to the chance to do it again.... The rolling mystery giveaway, oh yes, and the getting away bit too ;)


PS - Although I've started a new gig, please do continue to stop by to visit. I shall continue blogging as often as my new schedule permits, ie. at least a couple times a week if not more ;)

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