Thursday, May 6, 2010

GIVEAWAY: Where in the world is tee [going]? Clue#2 + This Week's OM: "free facial!"

I love this shot. I cropped and adjusted the contrast a bit. Nope I didn't take it. Along with yesterday's Clue#1, it's lovingly loaned from one of the major places of my destination. And yes, if you haven't guessed it, I am planning on seriously pampering myself throughout my weeklong getaway!

- - -

So with Clue#2 out of the way, onto this week's OM, also pampering and beautifying related! I am thrilled to introduce local esthetician maggie of maggie&co, and share the background story on how I met her...

Sunny Tuesday afternoon, Big Brother G was at his new favorite caffeine-equipped joint/office: the Linux Caffe here in Toronto, and encouraged über-tall little brother and I to come say hello. He offered to treat us to frozen yogurt. How could we refuse?

Linux Caffe by leigheldridge.

A couple lemon frozen yogurts later, G went to Spanish class, and über-tall lil bro and I stuck around inside to warm up with some chai tea. Nothing like tasty contrasts, right?

By now, you're wondering where does maggie fall into this story? Well as it happens... Now! For the moment I sat down on the perfect people watching bar stool, and not more than two inches from where I placed my cuppa chai tea I stumbled upon this...

As you can guess, I took the card read it and placed it in my purse. A couple days later I serendipitously remembered to call maggie when I was in need of some beautifying for a special someone's big 3-0 extravaganza tonight! Happy Birthday Cee ;)

Not only was maggie super friendly and professional, her home set-up truly is a hidden gem.

Located on an assuming corner a couple blocks north of Little Italy's College Street, I couldn't help but grin when she explained why local celebs are regulars... The privacy! Truth be told, although it was a short appointment, she made me feel like a starlet all my own. A seasoned Stillwater Spa alumna, she knew exactly how I wanted my brows done before I said a peep... Natural and tee for tidy of course.

I have no pics of maggie&co. After all, we starlets need our privacy ;) However, if like me, you love supporting local small business owners with charm and would adore a free facial, drop me a line. I'll happily email you her digits.

I love how this One Moment of joining my brothers for frozen yogurt, resulted in another great One Moment of meeting maggie.

I'm returning for my complimentary facial when I land back in Toronto from my petit sojourn! Remember to stay tuned for more clues to win a pasalubong!

Bon weekend!



PS - Thanks again to À la Mode for creating such a neat and simple meet up! Wanna join? Click below.

om [one moment] meet up


  1. You have a week to kill, and you're going to some sort of existentialist spa for a massage. It could be Thailand, but that's pretty far away.

    I wonder if South America does spas/massages. And they do... Peru?

  2. final answer?

    :) i shall reveal upon my return!

    in meantime i encourage lots of guessing ;)


  3. Lovely "moment"! It's so good to spoil ourselves from time to time, and if one happens to find a friendly and professional person as maggie, well that's a real treat!

  4. What a great idea for a giveaway! And yay for finding a connection to a well-deserved massage.

    Enjoy your trip, Tee!

  5. Although woefully behind on blog reading, I'm still loving your mystery! WHat a great moment!