Tuesday, May 11, 2010

GIVEAWAY: Where in the world is tee? Clue#6

Clue #6 consists of multiple photographs, nine to be exact, by yours truly...

Photo 1: Above, items specially awaiting me in the salle de bain where I'm staying. At first I didn't think I was a fan of the shampoo and conditioner, except for their mint awakening qualities, yet I must admit afterwards my hair never felt so soft when left to air-dry before.

As you may recall from Clue #1 when I first announced the Where in the world is tee? GIVEAWAY I posted a photograph. What I didn't mention, but you likely guessed, is it's an entrance way. A shot lovingly borrowed, like Clue#2 (first image) and Clue #4, from the website of where I am spending most of my days. Photo 2: Above is my Clue #1 shot.

I was so pleased, yet not that entirely surprised to discover that it in fact looks exactly as their website appears, if not even more tranquil.

Photo 3: Above is a shot of the "rear" of the same building.

Photos 4 and 5: Above, shots of the surrounding property. The first, my view as I lay outside in the sun, eyes closed for the most part, iPod playing a special mix from Sweet Pea Sis for my getaway, appreciating the present. The second, a chair I caught shyly smiling at me. Perhaps tomorrow I'll take seat with him.

Photo 6: Above, tea kindly served to me as I contemplated what indulgences I would surrender to tomorrow and the rest of the week.

Photo 7: Above, the gorgeous wood floor of the shop I stumbled upon, where I think I may purchase the pasalubong prize! I know, I know, it's only a shot of the floor... But isn't it a colourful one?

Photo 8: Above, my lunch. After the relatively early and active morning I had (in comparison to my usual freelance schedule), I did my best to keep healthy. Gargonzola cheese is healthy right? ;)

Photo 9: Above, finally, of course, had to stop and smell flowers after lunch :)

While I don't mind if tomorrow takes its time in coming... I very much look forward to a more "gentle" yet still early start to the day, followed by "beautiful "bliss."

Here's hoping today's clue helped. Remember to keep those guesses coming. You're welcome to guess/comment as often as you wish, simply note that your last post will be considered your final answer ;)



  1. let it be known that i spent about 3 hours searching for that shampoo and conditioner.. and for that resort...

    all i know.. is that you're still in north america...


    with that said,
    i hope you are having the awesome time that you deserve!

  2. ooooor EUROPE.
    you're certainly in some 1st world country.

    if those photos were taken today..
    you can't be in northeasern usa/canada (nor midwest usa)... because it was raining quite a bit.. and there's not a cloud in the sky in your photos.

  3. ok, scratch Europe.
    (unless you were in southern europe - vienna, etc. but i doubt it)

    so i'm back to america - but the weather crosses out all but southern usa, or central america. hmmm..

    okay, i really need to study now.