Tuesday, May 18, 2010

OM BONUS GIVEAWAY CLUE: Where in the world was tee? Clue #10: The Compliment.

So this past week, there were so many amazing OM: One Moments... Truth be told, at first I wanted to just blog off the whole week as my single OM. Then this happened...

A couple days into my self-designed relaxation rejuvenating retreat, complete with rediscovering my love for photography, I received such an awesome unexpected compliment!

See, I attended a daily class every morning Tuesday to Friday last week. If you haven't yet guessed what type of classes, you may want to check out the last couple clues, as I'm hoping it's become obvious. After each class I'd roam in and out of the barn, the grounds and neighbouring spa to take pictures of anything and everything that took my eyes' fancy.

Turns out one of my instructors was quite impressed and emailed me with the subject line "Bring camera?" This is what it said...
Hey there, thinking of you.

Wondering if you might be interested in taking a few pictures in the spa tomorrow? If so, after class, come over to the spa and speak with Jodi. We just need a few architectural shots of the rooms, to send to our owner.

We can comp your class tomorrow too.

Would just need to email pics to Sarah tomorrow sometime.

Thanks for considering.

I hadn't even realized she'd seen any of my photos, until I remembered mentioning my lil where in the world am I game with my dear friends. Turns out Kristen had checked my blog out, and was impressed!

And here I thought I was just being annoying amateur paparazzi with my camera. In fact, frankly, I hadn't really picked up my darling D80 in quite sometime... I'd taken a LOT of photos during my much longer sojourn in France as an au pair.

Turns out all I needed was a little break, and once the inspiration came trickling it soon became a full on rapid and plentiful stream... Who knew? I'm certainly not a pro, I leave that to my amazingly talented photographer friends. You know who you are ;) However, I most certainly was flattered to be asked for copies of my pics... So here is what I ended up emailing Sarah...

A couple you've seen already...

Plus shots inside "the barn." The second a happy-accident silhouette shot of the lovely Kristen, my instructor for my first two classes...

Honestly, sadly, I didn't get a chance to capture the entire spa, my favourite room to be exact which was the room that made me feel like a Beautiful Warrior 75 minutes later. Then again, I think no picture's required to remember how amazing that spa treatment was! Thank you again Eileen :)

I know, I know what you're thinking how do these shots possibly help me? I could have been at any one of a zillion spa getaways last week... But trust me only one was as charyming as this one ;) In fact, a special thank you to everyone, Kristin, Maureen, Vicki, Jodi, Amber, Sarah and co. for all being so delightful!

Absolute final clue tomorrow... Bonne chance mes amis!


PS - Once more (Om!) a special thanks to À la mode Stuff for creating the One Moment online meet-up. Want to learn more? Click below for more info!

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  1. I'm so happy you've rekindled your love for taking photographs! They are all wonderful. Keep clicking and sharing!

    And thanks again for sharing your moment!

    BTW, I have now clue where you are. Is it bc I'm not in your neck of the woods?!

  2. Those are wonderful photos - how awesome to have people value your work, it's a wonderful compliment!