Saturday, May 8, 2010

GIVEAWAY: Where in the world is tee [going]? Clue #3

So it's Saturday, and I usually don't blog over the weekends. Then again overall my blogging schedule isn't exactly precise 0;)

Clue#3 is dedicated to all of you dying to win the pasalubong (rightthismoment!) including my folks. That's right, even they don't know!
Note: I'm not going to throw a "red herring" in *insert mischievous/angelic looking grin here* by telling you these photos are shots of the actual transportation I will be taking. They are mere representations. Minus the automobile and my feet of course.

Oh and to all my dear friends and Dad, who are showering me with multiple queries. Sorry, no 20 questions and answers here. I will keep mum until I return and whoever is correct or closest to the right answer wins!

Guess as often as you like. In fact I encourage several speculations. However, I shall consider your most recent comment your final answer upon my return.

Happy Saturday! Et Bonne Chance ;) Thanks for playing.



  1. Well, I don't see red sands in any of the clues, so I think an Island destination is not the winning answer this time... I'm sort of thinking that you may have found a steal-of-a-deal and are heading to the Philippines...

    But, the plane, train and bus picks reminds me more of Cuba... how finite does the clue have to be?

    Travel safe Darlin'!

  2. I'm going to go for a random St. Kitts and Nevis.

  3. Hey tee,
    I used to follow your ecojot blog from facebook and ended up here. Hope you're still keeping up the eco-jotting, now that you're not...ecotjotting.
    Anyway, I just started up a little enviro blog of my own, not quite sure where it's going yet but I like it. Maybe you could take a look, help me out?
    PS my guess is London, England or somewhere in New Zealand. Happy travels, I'm jealous!

    Much ecolove!

    -- Cate