Wednesday, May 12, 2010

GIVEAWAY: Where in the world is tee? Lucky Clue#7

It seemed only appropriate to include the photo above of lucky 7 of from last night's restaurant. Love this clever idea for table markers! Had I not been such a little miss piggy tee last night, I likely would have also managed to capture a shot of my pizza Margherita, complete with Mozzarella di Bufala... Mmm!

Fear not, today I capture a many photos that will hopefully reveal more of at least what I've been up to and where (interior wise) these past two days.

Now onto the pics...

Photo 1: Above, a detail shot of one of my purchases (to support the local economy of course!), and use as my daily "uniform" this week.

Photo 2:
Above, post "morning routine." I was thankful that today we had lil baby bowls to place the soothing oils. Yesterday I accidentally poured a bit too much in my hand... Oops! Pas probleme, my feet didn't mind, they benefited!

Photo 3: Above, one of my favourite corners of the "barn."

Okay, so the next few shots I blame (or credit? You be the judge!) on my years of marketing architecture/design firms for being drawn to photograph such thoughtful design details.

Photos 4
, 5 and 6: Above, I spy delicately beautiful design.

Today's "morning routine" was followed by the "beautiful bliss" I mentioned yesterday:

Photo 7:
Above, the shot of the identical chair across from me as I was pampered in style by the kind and oh so accommodating A.

Photo 8:
Above, the fresh milk, honey and cardamom bath my feet got to taste.

Did I mention my feet and legs savoured on a dark brown sugar, clove and honey dessert that followed, plus a post-clay treatment, wrapped like mummies in steamy hot towels (while my eyes were treated to a heated herbal pillow no less) before my pedicure?

Originally unsure if I'd indulge in a manicure complete with a massage with Ayurvedic oils too.... A little voice inside of me screamed, "Go on, spoil yourself, just this once..." Could it have been you, luckypenny, telepathically? ;)

Photo 9:
Above, a playful shot of the end result of my super soft left hand. It's not easy taking pampered photos of yourself! Less dramatic than the Japanese Rose, I loved the subtle sweet and shimmery shade of pink Sugar Daddy looked on my fingers tips.

One final thought, as I lay soaking in a hot lavender-infused French kiss bath tonight, I wondered, can one over-pamper oneself? With my mini getaway approaching it's second-half mark I say "Absolutely not!" 0;D

I have many more shots but I'm sleepy. I will end bidding you sweet sweet dreams, as tasty as these delicious strawberries I had for dessert tonight...



PS - Just one lil request, specifically to my immediate pamilya. Please refrain from publicly guessing from now on, instead please shoot me an email. In an effort to be fair, I shall mimic the standard contest rules...

"Members of A Cuppa Tea, its contest sponsor, advertising and promotional agencies and their respective affiliates and associates and such employees' immediate family members and persons with whom such members/employees are domiciled are excluded from this contest."

Besides if you fall under the above descrip, you likely have an unfair advantage ;) Pasensya na lang, hindi ka (po) pwedeng manalo. Thanks for understanding! xo.

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