Thursday, May 6, 2010

GIVEAWAY: Where in the world is tee [going]? Clue#1

I must admit once I finally decided where I was going I got pretty excited, and am secretly enjoying the fact that I'm not telling a soul. Except perhaps my travel agents ;) Who thankfully also happen to be my aunt and uncle, so I've got my emergency contact covered too!

So where in the world am I going you wonder? Well, I'm not revealing that easily, but I am providing visual clues beginning with the one above. Click on the image for a larger view :D

In fact, I consulted ├╝ber-tall lil bro, and I've decided I should incorporate this into my first ever little giveaway. Truth be told, post-ecojotting days, I didn't think I could afford to host one. Then I figured, why not? While I can't promise the prize to be of an enormous monetary value, I promise it to be as we Filipinos call a pasalubong.

Pasalubong. [Pah sah luh´bong] The practice of giving little tokens of friendship and affection to loved ones after one has gone on a trip. [As quoted from: Ano Yon? Ano Yan?]

Much more than just a souvenir... If you manage to guess where I was by the time I return, I shall present you with a special pasalubong that I will have picked up during my mini sojourn.

Bonne chance mes amis !


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