Monday, May 10, 2010

GIVEAWAY: Where in the world is tee? Clue#5

Current Facebook Status: "Vacation auto-reply on. Laptop stored. Come the stroke of midnight I'm on a Facebook and GMail cleanse for one whole week. Please visit for whereabouts and updates. Tweets will be limited to blog updates too. Wish me luck! Ciao. xo, tee." -yesterday.

Confession: I won't lie, going cold turkey on Facebook and GMail ain't easy, but I figure if I'm saying that during my getaway than clearly it's also very necessary.

Giveaway Clue#5: So I've arrived. Well sort of. My mini sojourn involves more than one destination... In any case, doesn't the saying go it's about the journey not the destination(s)? :)

Speaking of journeys, made a friend along the second leg of my trip, a fellow traveler named George from Windsor, UK. I told him about my blog and asked if I could capture a memento for all of you... He said yes, and promised not to reveal where we met. Here's hoping he keeps his promise ;)

Upon inspecting his photo, he exclaimed "I look pudgy." I think just jet-lagged:

Clue #5 also includes a shot of some local cuisine, I grabbed this morning. Unhealthy but delicious:

Tomorrow photo clues will likely be posted in the evenings... For the next few days are filled with calm and relaxation and will begin early!

Keep those guesses coming! The more the better!


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