Thursday, April 29, 2010

OM: To My Dear Nokia 6301

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This week's One Moment (a.k.a. great online meet up started by À la mode Stuff) is of the simple, we, well I, definitely, take for granted variety... Appreciating the phone.

From Sunday to today, I called and received a many phone calls. Thank goodness for a nearly unlimited mobile phone plan! Of course, it's when I forget my mobile at home and am therefore kicking myself for being forgetful, that I realize how much I count on it, and being with me! This week, I appreciate it: period.
To My Dear Nokia 6301,

How I heart you. I've dropped you, misplaced you, scuffed you up, and handled you with sticky hands while I'm devouring gooey and delicious frozen yogurt. Yet still, always, you stay by my side. Not to mention, while your screen is not as fancy and touch sensitive as the iPhone or functional as the crackberry, you still provide easy access to mobile web. You wake me up each morning, and even allow me to capture special moments when forgetful me has left my digicam at home.

Your battery may not last forever, and occasionally calls are a bit static-y, yet through it all you're there for me. And this week, you
  • Were my timepiece getting me to networking events and informational interviews on time;
  • Delivered great news from recent job interviews;
  • Helped me coordinate with a girlfriend who I was assisting move;
  • Entertained me with gossip;
  • Helped me strategize and do business;
  • Comforted a friend;
  • Made weekend plans;
  • And tonight, you allowed me to hear from a good friend I hadn't chatted with in a really long time, who called out of the blue as she sat at Pearson's Airport in limbo between Prince Edward Island and Vancouver.
Thank you, Phone.

Oh and thank you for reading my OM of the week :) Bon weekend.


PS - More phone fun...

Above image: My girlfriend Penny Loafer has one (a cell phone receiver attachment) she once carried around in her small purse during a party. Brilliant conversation starter and not just when receiving a call ;) Made by FredFlare, just only it's no longer available on their website. However this is...

Above images: That's right a banana cell phone holder, which by the way, I am seriously considering purchasing! For $14 bucks I could look like a monkey as I walk down the street! Or...

Above image: If all you want is a brick phone like my dear dad used to own and as pictured below, that too can be arranged it turns out... I particularly the large-sized disclaimer at the top that reads: "These "Brick" cell phones are being sold for "prop" / display / gag-gift use only. While many of them will power up if the battery is charged, they would not be practical to use due to system incompatibilities, short battery life, etc." No way? Really? ;D

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  1. As much as we complain about cell phones, truth is we can't live (comfortably, realistically, effeciently) without them! Nice love letter!

    Your pictures are great!

    I must confess, I want to marry my iPhone. Well, at least I sleep with it (next to me). :] Thx for sharing!