Friday, April 16, 2010

OM stands for One Moment. This week's: Odile Chocolat.

I was delighted to come across my first ever online meet up courtesy of À la mode Stuff via CandiedFabrics, especially because I am currently in a mindfulness meditation class that promotes taking things in "moment by moment."

This week's moment? Odile Chocolat. [Odile: pronounced oh-dee]

I've lived in my new 'hood now for over two months. Each time I'm on Dundas Street West, I've walked by a bright turquoise painted-brick boutique, telling myself I will pop in the next time to check it out. You know how that goes... Well on Wednesday, I finally did! And I was welcomed by Odile herself, a lovely French chocolatier clearly passionate about her trade. Not only did she tell me about her chocolates during my brief visit, but she insisted I have a taste!

How wise she was, for there's nothing like a sample to whet one's appetite for more... Yesterday, I returned, although this time not for me but for LeanandLuxe. After all, big brother G and I had to give her something worthy of her gourmet palette. Inspired by the meet up, and in an effort to fully enjoy the moment I asked Odile permission to photograph my visit and she happily obliged.

I ended up picking:
  • The Chai Massala (the one I'd tried and adored);
  • Romance: Champagne, black pepper, and rose petals (because everyone needs a bit of bubbly, spice and flowers on their birthday);
  • Raspberry Vinegar (a best-seller); and
  • Mushroom (wild Canadian black trumpet).
All hand-made...

Odile Chocolat: small simple pleasures one will want to enjoy slowly, appreciating the unique flavours fused with 54 percent Callebaut Belgium chocolate.

Taking the moment to blog about this has reminded me how much I love to connect with local retailers, and pick out the perfect gift for a friend. Can't wait to write a about a special moment next week!

Bon weekend !


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  1. Oh, how decadent! What a wonderfully rich moment for the senses! And now that you've met the owner, this experience is so much more meaningful. Thank you for sharing!! I'm so glad that you're joining the OM meet up!

    Thanks for the links back, too!

  2. That's a great moment - chocolate and a personal connection. I can almost taste that Chai Masala!

  3. What a pleasant surprise it was to receive such a sweet treat on my bday. Thanks again to you and G for making my night such a smashing good time.
    I have now tried one of each truffle and I have to admit my favorite is the raspberry vinegar but all are truely scrumptious. Highly recommended!

    Lots of love Tee
    xO Lean&Luxe

  4. @alamodestuff am so glad i joined too!

    @RiverDog Prints thanks for stopping by. the chai masala was definitely delightful... i can't wait for my next excuse to visit Odile's.

    @leanluxe YAY! our pleasure, hun! oooh, sounds like raspberry vinegar is the one i must try next. it is supposedly a best-seller.