Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter: Beware of Easter Identity Theft!

So I'm normally not a big fan of forwards, especially cheesy the cute ones! However, it's Easter and sometimes you have to make exceptions to your own rule...

Happy Easter: Beware of Easter Identity Theft!

My apologies for the cuteness overload. I couldn't resist. I wish credit the photographer(s) but you know how forwards go. A special thanks to my girl Kate for sending it to me. I suppose true friendship is when you know when to forward and when not to ;D

Again Happy Happy Easter!



  1. AHHH! these are too cute! these make me want to go home and hug my cats! Except, Mojo is much fatter, and Mea doesn't like hugs! hehe!
    Do you live with your brother?!?! Cuz I noticed he said that he lives close to Luna Cafe, and...I also live close to Luna cafe!!! We should meet up there one day!

  2. Celine! Gerard and I live close by :) I'm east of Ossington. Let's definitely get together. I haven't yet been to Luna café! xo.