Monday, April 26, 2010

My 'One Moment' of last week: Sibling Reminiscing.

Preface: You're probably wondering who the cuties are down below... Well up at the top is lil' sweet pea sis. The guy with the mustache in the Pampers box is my Michigan-to-Argentina motorcycling brother. And the third photo? Well that would me along with über-taller little brother and big brother G.

Know the song Sunscreen - Everybody's Free performed by Baz Luhrmann? Well there's this line:

"Be nice to your siblings; they are the best link to your past and the people most likely to stick with you in the future."

And it's so true. Not to mention I feel so fortunate to have four links to my past and reinforcements in the future!

The thing is we five siblings are scattered across the globe. Yes, currently my Michigan-to-Argentina motorcycling brother is doing just that. In fact, he just wrapped up some volunteer work in Guatemala :) As you may know sweet pea lil sis is in Michigan. And über-tall little brother, well he just arrived in Toronto from the Philippines, and it's been nearly two years since G and I have seen him!

Excited therefore we were! So when one of us began unexpectedly recalling our oldest childhood memories over dinner one night, we just couldn't stop. After all we all had such great childhoods... You know, tattle-tales, fights (of the water and screaming variety) and all. Cue cheesy music and tearful thank you to mom and dad here. Yet, seriously that moment was definitely worth taking in and appreciating, hence... My One Moment of last week: Sibling Reminiscing.

While all five of us weren't together to remember:
  • the lemonade stands turned lemonade franchises (we were entrepreneurs even back then);
  • the make-believe games complete with make-believe Monopoly money customized with our faces on it (courtesy of mom's photocopier);
  • and the grocery store trips that ended with two overflowing grocery carts and I don't know how many bags of milk (dad contemplated buying a jersey for the backyard);
To name a few... I certainly can't wait wait for the day when we are crying from laughing to hard at all our wonderful, memorable (mostly silly!) childhood stories!

Have any sibs? And/or just plain awesome childhood memories to share?


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  1. It's so fun to look back on good times and better yet, documentnting them to remember in the future. Those pictures are great. I have a similar picture of my brother in a basic to your brother in the box.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yay milk in a bag! I've had a couple of vacations in Canada and we always loved to do the milk in a bag thing!

    And one of those vacas was with MY 2 siblings and their families - best vacation EVER! Thanks for sharing your 1 moment!